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    This permit system ONLY works on these browsers: Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer. If you are not currently using one of the three listed;  STOP, copy this URL: (http://burnpermits.idaho.gov), open a compatible browser, paste the URL into the search, and begin the permit system again.

    If the map does not load correctly (and you are using an approved browser) please use this link: http://burnpermits.idaho.gov 

    A video tutorial of how to self issue a permit is available here: https://youtu.be/Qkoii540nak

    The fire burn permit is free and required under Idaho law for any burning outside city limits statewide (excluding campfires) from May 10 through October 20.  However, some cities and other jurisdictions - including local or county fire departments, Idaho DEQ, Tribal Reservations, and others - may have additional or alternate permit systems in place.

    For questions regarding burn permits, contact the nearest Idaho Department of Lands Office at this Contact link. If after hours or no answer, please contact your local Fire Department or Sherriff's office. 

    Burning can be limited based on current fire restrictions. This website provides information about most current fire restrictions, but check with your local fire department for other restrictions that may be in place at the time you want to burn.

    Compliance with air quality regulations is required at the time of burning. You can check air quality conditions online, call the DEQ office in your area before burning, or contact the appropriate Tribe if you plan to burn within Reservation boundaries.

    For additional information please refer to the Idaho Fire Prevention website at: https://www.idl.idaho.gov/fire-management/fire-prevention/ 

    Visit our Fire Information Facebook page here and information about the Ready, Set, Go Campaign, here. 

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    If after hours or no answer, please contact your local Fire Department or Sheriff's office.

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    If you encounter issues please try the following:

    Use the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

    Try restarting the web browser and obtaining a permit as a guest (go through the process without creating an account).

    Crop Residue Burn Permits

    The DEQ system for administering CRB permits now interfaces with the IDL application for issuing fire safety burn permits so that growers can obtain both permits online at once. Before, growers had to visit separate web sites to obtain each permit. Growers can now log in to the DEQ system and enter all necessary information to obtain the permits at this link: https://www.deq.idaho.gov/air-quality/smoke-and-burning/crop-residue-burning/ .

    Please note that fire safety permits for burns within the Nez Perce, Coeur d’Alene, Shoshone-Bannock, and Duck Valley Reservation Boundaries will continue to be issued through the IDL system. An air quality burn permit may also be required, so contact the appropriate Tribe if you plan to burn within Reservation boundaries. DEQ implements the crop residue burning program for the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho by agreement with the Tribe.